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Mortgage Litigation Help

Mortgage litigation help is available for homeowners who feel they have been taken advantage of by their lender with predatory lending involved. Mortgage solutions is here to help Orange County homeowners fight their lender with mortgage litigation through our help and attorney network. Homeowners now have options available to get what they deserve back from their lender that was wrongfully taken from them. Below we explain what mortgage litigation is about and how it can help you as a struggling homeowner.

 A mortgage litigation case comes about when anyone involved in a mortgage agreement fails to follow the terms and conditions that were originally signed by both parties. Mortgage litigation is a kind of dispute over possible fraudulent activity in original loan documents and it is settled in the court-room most of the time. Now the question is what to do after some mortgage litigation has come about. We are going to find out the best way to straighten out that issue for you as our client. Please read carefully and let us know your feed back should you have any questions. We are always looking forward to helping you as it keeps us motivated to spread the information that works the best when it comes to mortgage litigation cases that we take on.

 Mortgage litigation means a dispute raised because of violations of terms and conditions, either by the borrower or lender. There may be plenty of reasons for the mortgage litigation process to take place. Today we are going to focus on why mortgage litigation takes place.

 Usually, some mortgage fraud or predatory lending gives this reason and homeowners (borrowers) think that they may have been taken advantage of and would like to find out if this is true. There are many things that lenders can do while the mortgage deal is in process without making the borrowers understand them through and this is the reason why mortgage litigation is now put in place so that shady loans can be caught and taken care of to help struggling homeowners.

Borrower’s difficulty to comprehend the process:

Not every borrower can understand everything which is stated in documents, in the short period of time he or she has. Often they are asked to sign without spending time on going over the things mentioned in the documents. Sometimes, the lenders consider it a good opportunity to place some abusive terms in the loan documents, which later on results as wrongful foreclosure or mortgage litigation.

The lenders’ cunning manners:

Lenders can overstate the total value of mortgage property, by doing so he will have the chance to fix higher interest rates than normal. He can go contrary to that as well and understate that value to achieve some other motives. However, borrowers remain indifferent in both the cases because of their ignorance. As time goes by when they find the trick working, they raise objection against it which we call mortgage litigation.

Borrower’s dishonesty:

Some borrowers also try to be smart and seem to exaggerate or play down their salaries to gain specific objectives. They over stress it to get a greater loan amount. On the other hand understating the salary in the application form aims the low interest rates to be set for them. Afterward, when it comes to the lender’s knowledge, mortgage litigation will be inevitable.

If you are a homeowner who thinks you may have grounds for a mortgage litigation case feel free to give us a call for your free consultation and find out if you qualify for a mortgage litigation case today.


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